FFL History and Rulebook

Table of Contents
Active Roster
Comparison Points
Cut & Replace
Designated Scorer
Division Championships
Draft (Preseason)
Draft Picks
Expansion Teams
Fantasy Cup
FFL Season
Free Agents
Game Points
Game Worksheet
League History
Midseason Draft and Cut & Replace
Player Activation
Postseason Games
Reserve Squad
Scored Points
Team Lineups
Team Rosters
Tie-Breaker (Position)
Wildcard Games


What is the Gamer's Fantasy Football League (GFFL)? The GFFL (also known as the FFL) is first and foremost a competition between "friends" with the utmost emphasis on fairness and mutual respect while following the spirit of the game rules. There are yearly dues, in the amount of $10 each, to both help provide compensation to the coach that elects to host the draft each year and to subsidize the 25th Anniversary League party. These dues must be paid, or arrangements made, no later than GFFL Draft Day. If this does not happen, that franchise will be not be considered in good standing and thus, disbanded the following day. The League has twelve teams that are contained within two divisions (six teams per division). These divisions are roughly geographically-based. The Northern and Western regional teams generally belong to the National Division, while the Southern and Eastern teams go to the American Division.


A standard season will consist of a Regular Season and a Postseason. The Regular Season will have a total of thirteen weeks of games. Ten of these games will be intra-divisional, while the remaining three games will be against teams from the opposing division. These opposing division games will be determined by matching teams with comparable rankings from the previous season. The Postseason, of Playoffs, will consist of three weeks of games.


At the start of each season a Draft will be held at a mutually agreed upon location and hosted by one of the League coaches. The Draft is five sets of twelve picks. Each team will be allotted five "Draft Picks" with the overall pick order determined by comparing all teams' records from the previous season (using a combination of the W-L-T Ratio and Postseason results). The team with the lowest ratio goes first, followed by the second lowest, etc. Ties are broken by comparing the divisional ratio, then Plus/Minus points. In addition, each team will also be allotted one automatic "Pass Pick" to be used at their discretion.


Any Draft Pick can be "passed", or not used, during the Draft. These Pass Picks (or just Picks) can then be used to sign any Free Agent immediately following the Draft. A "Free Agent" is defined as any available NFL player. All Picks must be used prior to the following Preaseaon Draft or they become void. However, they can not be used to sign an NFL rookie during the offseason. Note: No Draft or Pass Picks can be used by any team that is not current in their dues.


Every team shall start each regular season with a roster totaling no more than 29 players. With all newly drafted players being placed no later than 24 hours prior to the kickoff of the first regular season NFL game. The roster is broken down into two categories, the Active Roster and the Reserve Squad.


The Active Roster can contain no more than 25 players. All players on this roster are eligible to be played on game day, including any newly acquired players via trades, picks, and cut and replace. The only exception to this is for post-season play, where all players must have been on a team's roster prior to the end of the last regular-season game to be eligible to play.


The Reserve Squad can contain no more than four players and is generally used to house players that are either injured or are otherwise designated as inactive. During the regular season when a player is activated from the Reserve Squad, it will require a five day waiting period before that player is deemed eligible to participate in a game. If a player's activation to the Active Roster means that it will exceed the maximum number of players, then a player must also be deactivated to the Reserve Squad at the same time.


Regular Season games will consist of 8 players per team in head-to-head play. This "lineup" of players will be submitted to both Commissioners one hour prior to kickoff of the first game of each week. If the lineup is not submitted by that time, any player designated to start will be ineligible if their NFL team has already taken the field. For example, let's say that players 1, 2, and 3 have 1pm Sunday games, players 4, 5, and 6 have 4pm Sunday games, and players 7 and 8 have an 8pm Sunday and 9pm Monday night game. If the lineup was submitted late, at 2pm on Sunday, then players 1, 2, and 3 are ineligible to play. The only exception to this rule when the team has the "Automatic Lineup Submittal" in effect. After Week 1, the Automatic Lineup Submittal can be used to insert a team's full lineup from the previous week in the event that they are unable to submit it.

A coach can modify their lineup as many times as they want prior to kick-off of the first Sunday game. If it is an early game week (containing Thursday or Saturday NFL game, etc.), then the lineup can be modified prior to the Sunday kickoff providing a team had no early game players in their lineup whose NFL team had already played that week. However, a roster may not be modified if both teams in a game have submitted their lineups and are being displayed on the Weekly Games page.


Game points (GPs) can be scored in two ways: Scored Points (SPs) and Comparison Points (CPs). The team with the most total points at the end of the last weekly game, wins.


Scored Points (or just Scores) are made by any score a player makes. A team will receive 2 GPs for every touchdown, 1 GP for a two-point conversion or field goal, and 1 GP for every 3 extra points (rounded off). So, if a kicker makes 5 extra points that will equal 2 GPs.


Comparison Points are made by a player having the highest statistic in head-to-head play within preset categories. If a statistic is a tie, both players will receive 1 CP. Comparison categories are: Quarterbacks-highest pass completion percentage, most passing yards, and least interceptions; Fullback (running back)-Most rushing yards; Halfback (running back)-Most rushing yards, and most receiving yards; Wide Receiver 1, 2, & Tight End-Most Receptions, and most receiving yards. Designated Scorers (which can be either a Wide Receiver or a Tight End) and Kickers don't have positional comparison points.


A detailed copy of the Game Worksheet can be obtained from the FFL website at worksheet.html.




If the game ends in a tie, each team's Designated Scorer yards will be used in head-to-head tie-breaker. This is done in the comparison point style, with the player having the most receiving yards given one point.


In the unlikely event that the game remains a tie; it will be recorded as such. The only exception to this rule is a postseason game, where the additional position of "Tie-Breaker" is then used. For more details on this position, please see the Postseason Games section later in this document.




Teams may trade between each other for Draft Picks, Picks and/or players anytime throughout the year. However, they must be well-defined and valid NFL-style trades (i.e., no player loans).


Trades can not contain a "Future Considerations" clause, but either team can require that certain conditions be met to make a trade contract valid (for example, that the player doesn't get placed on the NFL injured reserve prior to the start of the season). Trades can involve future Draft Picks up to two years in advance.



Midseason Draft and Cut & Replace

The Midseason Draft begins following the last game of Week 7. Like the preseason Draft, it is performed in Rounds, starting with the team with the worst record. Each team will submit a sequential list of two columns to Hilton by noon on Friday. The first column being an ordered list of players the team wishes to cut, the second, an ordered list of Free Agents the team wishes to sign. The rounds will continue until all teams' lists are completed.


Immediately following the Midseason Draft, standard Cut & Replace (C&R) is in effect on a first-come first-served basis. Unlike the Draft, there isn't a sequence or waiting period. The first team to submit a Free Agent to sign, along with the player to release, will receive that player. C&R will be available until the completion of the NFL Superbowl. Note: A team can not participate in either the Midseason Draft or C&R unless they are current in their dues.



Postseason Games

The three teams in each Division with the highest W-L-T Ratio at the end of the regular season will advance to the Playoffs. Ties will be broken using the standard method, first the Division W-L-T Ratio, then head-to-head records, then the Plus/Minus Ratio, and finally the team with the highest number of offensive points, followed by the lowest defensive points.


Postseason games are identical to Regular Season game with regards to scoring. The only exception being that an additional position is added in the case of a tie. This "Tie-Breaker" will be a comparison point running back position that will use rushing yards as the statistic, but only in the event of a tie.


Players in all Postseason games must have been on that team's roster prior to the final Regular Season game.


Playoffs consist of three weeks of games, two Division Wildcard games, two Division Championship games and finally the FFL Superbowl, or "Fantasy Cup" (see diagram below). Playoff games utilize the "single-elimination" method. You must win to advance.


Divisional Wildcard games will match the second and third best teams of each division against each other. The following week, the winners of each Division Wildcard game will challenge their division winner for the right to become the division champion. In the final week, the Division Champions will compete against each other in the Fantasy Cup. The winner of the Fantasy Cup will receive the Fantasy Cup trophy at the following Draft, for a full year. The Division Champion will also receive a Division Champion trophy.






Expansion Teams

Expansion teams can be allowed into the League with a two-thirds majority vote prior to any season. This can only be done in pairs, with one team going to each Division.


Each new team will receive three opportunities, in turns, to help build their team. First, each team will each be allotted nine Picks for Free Agents that are available to be used immediately.


Secondly, an Expansion Draft will be immediately created to help accommodate these two new teams. The Expansion Draft will be similar to a standard Draft except they will be drafting eight players from a collective pool of existing players in turns. This pool is created by each existing team contributing three of their players. However, if an existing team has a player selected, they can elect to withdraw one of their remaining players from the pool and return them to their roster.


Finally, the yearly Draft order is modified. Two more Draft Picks are immediately added to each round of the Draft. The top two picks of Round 1 are given to the expansion teams by random selection, with the top picks switched between the two teams for Round 2. All existing teams will slide down two spots from their original Picks. The remaining two rounds of the Draft are randomly assigned between the two teams.



League History


The Gamer's Fantasy Football League (GFFL) was established in 1992. However, the first officially recorded season didn't begin until 1993 with the founding teams: Buckroe Bombers, Hilton Hurricanes, NASA Supernova, Seaford Scallops, Tidemill Firestorm, and the Warwick Attack. Two additional teams: the Oyster Point Locomotives and the Wythe Lightning Bolts, joined in a parallel expansion league at mid-season.

There were 4 teams to make it to the FFL playoffs: The Hilton Hurricanes, NASA Supernova, Tidemill Firestorm, and the Warwick Attack. Hilton defeated NASA and Warwick edged out Tidemill to advance. The Hilton Hurricanes defeated the Warwick Attack 18 to 5 on January 3rd, 1994 to win the first FFL Fantasy Cup. And in the process became the only team to ever go undefeated during an entire season.

The two expansion league teams officially joined the FFL. Wythe Lightning Bolts moved to Toano and shortened their name to Lightning, and the Warwick Attack moved to Westwood. The Buckroe Bombers' franchise was sold to Coach Cliff Taylor and became the Beechmont Blast, while the Seaford Scallops disbanded. In addition, three expansion teams joined the league prior to the Preseason Draft: the Mercury Cougars, Williamsburg Colonials, and the Wythe Whitecaps.

Because of the league's growing size it was decided to create two divisions roughly-based on the teams' geographical locations. The Northern and Western teams joined to create the "National Division", and the Southern and Eastern teams joined the "American Division".

The teams fortunate enough to reach the playoffs for the FFL's second season were: the National Division Winner Hilton Hurricanes and their Division wildcard the Westwood Attack, and the American Division Winner Tidemill Firestorm and their Division Wildcard the Buckroe Bombers. After the wildcards were eliminated, the Hilton Hurricanes defeated the Tidemill Firestorm 24 to 18 on December 19th, 1994 to win both its and the league's second Fantasy Cup.

The Westwood Attack moved to Hampton and the Oyster Point Locomotives moved to Poquoson and changed the name to the Knights. The Mercury Cougar franchise was sold to Coach Pat Varner. They moved to Norview and their new name became the Scorpions. The Williamsburg Colonials and Wythe Whitecaps disbanded from the league and two more expansion teams joined in the Preseason: The Chesapeake Cougars and the Denbigh Daggers.

Hilton and Hampton returned to face each other in Division Championships, with Hilton coming out ahead 23 to 12. While in the American Division, Tidemill topped Buckroe in a close match, 15 to 13. Tidemill defeated Hilton in a high-scoring affair 30 to 22 to take their first of many Fantasy Cups.

The Poquoson Knights relocated to Endview. Also, the current three week postseason scheme was implemented. This involved adding a second wildcard to each division and giving the Division Winners a bye while the Wildcard game is played. The previous year's Fantasy Cup teams returned to battle each other. The final score was Tidemill 18, Hilton 16.

The 1997 Fantasy Cup ended in a tie game. The final score was Hampton 21, Tidemill 21.

This season introduced the current "Tie-Breaking" system into the rulebooks. It also brought back the same two Division Champions, with Hampton narrowly defeating Tidemill in a close Fantasy Cup contest, 17 to 15.

The League saw many changes this year. In the American Division, Warwick was sold to Coach Evan Scheidegger and relocated to Edgehill as the Orcs. While in the National, the Denbigh Daggers were bought by Coach Al Snyder and relocated to Yorktown as the Rebels, Endview moved to Grandview, and Fort Eustis moved to Maine.

However the Fantasy Cup contenders remained the same as the two teams returned for yet a third time. Hampton again defeated Tidemill to the score of 22 to 18.

Tidemill returned to the Fantasy Cup, but this time without Hampton as their usual opponent. Tidemill soundly thrashed Grandview, 30 to 16.

The Fantasy Cup saw a new representative for the American Division. But, Norview is defeated by Hampton in an anticlimactic game, 23 to 9.

NASA Supernova was sold to Coach Steven Morrow. The new team moved to Denbigh and became the Dragons. The Grandview Knights relocated to Lakeshore. The Fantasy Cup of 2002 brought the return of two longtime rivals, as Hampton defeated Tidemill 24 to 18.

The Toano Lighning franchise was sold to Coach Ron Moss and he moved the team south to Fentress and renamed them the Hornets. The League's most mobile team, the Knights, decided they really did like the Endview area more, and moved back.

The Cup brought the usual suspects together again in 2003 and with similar results, Hampton 16, Tidemill 13.

The Edgehill Orcs were sold to Coach Bill Hall and became the Hayes Blaze. That year the Blaze made history, as it was the first time a team had gone to the Fantasy Cup in their rookie year. The ending score was Hilton Hurricanes 24, Hayes Blaze 13.

This year brought a relocation of two teams. Chesapeake moved their team to the Colonial area of Williamsburg and became the Colonial Cougars, and Maine moved to Coburn. The defunct Endview Knights were purchased by Coach TaRan Wilson out of Riverdale and they became the Rangers.

In this year Hilton and Tidemill faced each other in their third Fantasy Cup meeting. However this time, Hilton was finally able to defeat them to take home the Cup. The game's final score… Hilton 23, Tidemill 16.

Hilton and Tidemill both took their Divisions, and during their Playoff bye week Hampton defeated Yorktown 26 to 1 to take their position as the National Division wildcard, and in a closer game Norview topped Denbigh 21 to 16 claim the American wildcard.

Tidemill claimed the American Division as he bested Norview, 16 to 9. While Hampton manhandled Hilton, 38 to 8, to take the National Division.

The Fantasy Cup proved that the juggernaut still has it in them as Hampton took out Tidemill to the tune of 27 to 15.

The League Owners approved the "Automatic Lineup Submittal" to go into effect the second game of each season. Also a resolution to modify roster size/player contracts was recommended and voted to be tabled for further consideration until the 2008 FFL Draft.

In postseason play, Hampton and Norview were the Division winners. While, in the Wildcard Playoffs, Tidemill dusted Denbigh 21 to 10, while Yorktown scored 23 to Riverdale's 16.

In close Divisional Championship games, Hampton barely won over Yorktown 19 to 18, and Norview scraped by Tidemill to the tune of 16 to 13.

The Fantasy Cup saw Hampton and Norview on the field to battle it out on December 23rd. The Hampton Attack emerged victorious with the final score Hampton 27, Norview 18.

At the 2008 Preseason Draft, the following decisions were made:

In the Playoffs, the Denbigh Dragons defeated the Colonials Cougars, but then lost to the Tidemill Firestorm in the American Division Championship game. The National Divison Wildcard game saw the Hampton Attack easily dispatch the Coburn Killers, then were victorious over the Division-winning Yorktown Rebels in a close overtime game.

Hampton and Tidemill met for the 6th time for the 2008 Fantasy Cup. In a nail-biter, Hampton narrowly defeated Tidemill 20-19 to win a record 9th Gamer's Fantasy Football League title.

At the 2009 Preseason Draft, the following decisions were made:
  • Random removal of 2 active players from the 4 teams that didn't release them by August 1.
    • Colonial Cougars: RB-Derrick Ward-TB and TE-David Martin-MIA
    • Hayes Blaze: QB-Eli Manning-NYG and QB-Troy Smith-BAL
    • Norview Scorpions: QB-Dan Orlovsky-HOU and TE-Brandon Manumaleuna-SD
    • Fentress Hornets: QB-Kerry Collins-TEN and WR-Steve Smith-CAR
  • Replacement Franchises: Send and email to Junior and Johnny, and if no response by Noon September 5th, then check for a replacement coach from the waiting list (Aaron, Rodger, Julius).
  • Abolish the 2008 "Purge" rule: Vetoed
  • Yahoo Geocities site going down in October: Steve will host the new site via Cox website
  • The "25th Anniversary Fund" motion was made and requested to be tabled until the 2010 Draft: Amount of Funds being set aside? All coaches (and significant other) treated to dinner in 2017?
  • Pass picks are now null and void on August 1st.
  • The 2010 Draft will be held at the Hilton Hurricane's Head Office.
In the postseason, while Beechmont and Yorktown were on bye during the Wildcard games, the Denbigh Dragons defeated the Tidemill Firestorm and the Riverdale Rangers bested the Coburn Killers. The Division Championship saw both Division winners and the favorites go down, as Denbigh took out Beechmont and Riverdale beat Yorktown. This will lead to the first Fantasy Cup where two wildcard teams would face off, also being the first time in the big game for each. This would also be the first Cup in which none of the Big Three would be participating!

In a very close game, Denbigh edged out Riverdale by the score of 19 to 18, and took home their very first Fantasy Cup! This was also the first time in which a founding team was not in the Fantasy Cup.

Aaron Snyder agreed to take over the head coaching position of the Colonial Cougars. He immediately relocated them to Middlesex and renamed them the Monkeys.

At the 2010 Preseason Draft:

1). The random removal of 2 active roster players from teams that didn't release them by August 1 was performed. Cuts included:
- Coburn: QB-Chad Henne-MIA & RB-Marion Barber-DAL
- Norview: RB-Aaron Stecker & K-Sebastian Janikowski-OAK
- Yorktown: WR-Lance Moore-NO & K-Matt Bryant-ATL
2). Coaches in waiting (Rodger and Julius, in order).

1). Adding Defense tabled until the 2011 Draft (any motion must be thought out before bringing up)
2). Add phone numbers to the web site
3). To accommodate the 2017 League Party, the yearly dues will be brought back up to $10

NEW BUSINESS (to be enacted following this season):
1). Tidemill will host the 2011 GFFL Draft
2). The Pre-Season Flush will only consist of clearing the Reserve Squad
In conjunction with that, the Draft will consist of 5 Rounds and only 1 Pass Pick
3). In the need for more activity/response, all dues will be paid and a Lineup must be
submitted by the first game of Week 2.
4). An email will go out to all members with details of the Draft and a request for
phone numbers to be added to a secure page of the web site.
5). Yorktown was relocated to Spotsylvania, to become the Spotsylvania Rebels.

The postseason had Spotsylvania and Tidemill resting on a bye week for taking their respective Division Titles. In the Wildcard Games, Beechmont defeated Denbigh 19 to 15, while Hampton took down Fentress 19 to 13. The Division Championships had Spotsylvania barely winning over Hampton 19-18 and Tidemill bested Beechmont 18 to 15. The Fantasy Cup was a blow-out as Spotsylvania crushed Tidemill to the tune of 28 to 11, to win in their very first trip to the big game!

At the 2011 Preseason Draft:

1). Riverdale will host the 2012 GFFL Draft
2). Coburn must pay their dues for 2010 and 2011 seasons ($15), or we will have to find a replacement coach.

After winning their divisions, Hampton and Tidemill were permitted a week to rest and recuperate. There was no rest for the wicked in the wildcard games, where Beechmont blasted Denbigh, 21 to 16 and Spotsylvania took out Hilton, 24 to 21. The Division Championships saw Hampton eliminating Spotsylvania to the tune of 22 to 17 in the National Division, preventing their second trip to the Fantasy Cup in as many years. In the American Division, Beechmont narrowly upset Tidemill 24 to 22, allowing them their first visit to the big dance. Beechmont continued their roll by ending the season taking out the powerhouse Hampton Attack 20-18 and securing their first Fantasy Cup.

At the 2012 Preseason Draft it was decided that:

1). Beechmont will host the 2013 GFFL Draft.
2). Player contract years discussed and tabled while more detailed plans are thought-out through the 2012 season.

Hampton and Middlesex were winners of their respective divisions in the regular season, so they had a bye for the first week of the post-season. While they rested, Hayes barely took out Tidemill 18 to 16 and Hilton just squeaked by Spotsylvania 24, 23 for the priviledge to take on those winners for the Divisional Championships. Wildcard Hilton advanced to the Fantasy Cup by defeating Hampton 20 to 12, while the American Division Winner Middlesex continued on, taking the American Division Championship by removing their opponent Hayes 25 to 17, and securing their first Fantasy Cup appearance. But in the end, Hilton would not be denied their fifth Fantasy Cup as they crushed Middlesex 33 to 11.

At the 2013 Preseason Draft:

1). Dues were collected from all GFFL teams, except Coburn.
2). Trophies were distributed. The Fantasy Cup went to Hilton and the Division Champion Cup almost sent to Middlesex. It was decided that all teams would search their headquarters for the lost Champion cup.
3). Tidemill will host the 2014 GFFL Preseason Draft.
4). Future replacement coaches were approved.
5). Player contract years/salary rule was re-examined and subsequently vetoed.

1). Adding a Defense was brought up. It was voted that Fentress will create and email a detailed plan to the league for consideration/discussion.
2). It was voted that Tidemill will create and submit an email to Coburn asking for their intentions to remain in the league. As a contingency plan, it was decided that Coburn must both submit a lineup and pay dues by the start of Week 1.
  • If no lineup/dues are received by Week 1, the franchise will be summarily disbanded and the next coach-in-waiting (currently Brian Sostak) will acquire the team.
  • Following acquisition, the new coach is allowed one day to Cut & Replace players without any limitation and will also receive the 1st overall Draft Pick for the 2014 season.

The end of the regular season saw Hayes Blaze taking control of the American Division by force with an offensive blitzkrieg, while the Hampton Attack clawed and scratched their way up from the bottom of the pile to capture the National Division. In the wildcard games, Tidemill dispatched Middlesex 28 to 21 and Hilton took care of Spotsylvania 23 to 16. In the Division Championships, Hayes continued their domination by launching an aerial assault against Tidemill 28-13, while Hilton lucked out with a one-man wrecking crew to overtake Hampton, 32-18. The big game went into overtime and ended in dramatic fashion, with the final score of Hilton 19, Hayes 18.

At the 2014 Preseason Draft:

1). Dues were collected from all GFFL teams, except Coburn.
2). Trophies were distributed. The Fantasy Cup went to Hilton and the Division Champion Cup is with Hayes (virtually). It was decided that all teams would search their headquarters for the lost Champion cup... again.
3). Fentress will host the 2015 GFFL Preseason Draft.
4). Future replacement coach possibilities are Eric Freel and a friend of Ron's, to be named later.
5). Adding a Defense was brought up. It was voted that Fentress will create and email a detailed plan to the league for consideration/discussion again.

1). It was voted that all due must be paid, or arrangements made, by Draft Day. This rule is to be implemented for the 2015 Season.
2). It was voted that the Preseason Flush will now occur exactly one week prior to the set GFFL Draft date and that all players purged will then be listed on the new Waiver Wire.
3). The Middlesex Monkeys have changed their name to the Middlesex Mayhem.

Hayes easily took the American Division, while the National Division went down to the final game of the regular season with Hilton finally winning after having to go to the second tie-breaker (PF/PA ratio). While Hayes and Hilton enjoyed their bye week, the Wildcard games were played. Battling for the American Division, Middlesex beat Beechmont 20 to 12 and it was Hampton defeating Spotsylvania 26 to 15 for the National. The Division Championship was a blowout in the American Division with the final score of Hayes 30, Middlesex 11. The National Division was much closer with the results Hampton 17, Hilton 14. The Fantasy Cup saw the first meeting of Hampton and Hayes at the big game. The Fantasy Cup game lead went back and forth until late Monday. Hampton eventually closed the door on Hayes' third attempt to take home the title, 24-17, bringing the Cup home to Hampton for the tenth time.

At the 2015 Preseason Draft:

1). Dues were collected/arrangements made for all 12 GFFL teams.
2). Trophies were acknowledged towards their respective recipients. The Fantasy Cup going to Hampton and the Division Champion Cup to Hayes.
3). Howard McGee took over the Denbigh Dragon's franchise. Welcome to the league, Howard!
4). Hilton will host the 2016 GFFL Draft.
5). There was not enough teams to vote on adding a Defense. It had to be to tabled until the 2016 Draft for consideration/discussion.

1). It was brought up for vote at the 2016 Draft that if a coach knows in advance that he can not attend a Draft, that an email be sent to Hilton with either:
  • A detailed and ordered list of requested NFL players to draft.
  • A requested list of positions, in order, for the next available player in that position to be taken as drafted by the NFL.

Beechmont blasted their way to the top of the tightest postseason race ever in the American Division, and while Hampton's attacks waivered near the end, they still managed to hold off their closest rivals in the National Division. The Hurricanes blew away the Rebels 25 to 16 and Beechmont slowly roasted the Firestorm 20 to 16 in the Wildcard games. In the Division Championships, the Attack stopped a Hurricane resurgence, 26 to 23. while the Blast narrowly escaped with a victory over the Mayhem 19-16. The Fantasy Cup saw Beechmont and Hampton change the lead several times through out the game only for the Blast to eventually eek out a victory in this war of attrition 16-12.

At the 2016 Preseason Draft:

1). Dues were collected/arrangements made for all 12 GFFL teams.
2). Trophies were acknowledged towards their respective recipients. The Fantasy Cup going to Beechmont and the Division Champion Cup to Hampton.
3). Fentress will host the 2017 GFFL Draft.
4). The addition of a defense position was finally voted down. May it rest in peace.

1). It was voted that the post-season tiebreaker sequence change to: 3. head-to-head records then 4. Plus/Minus Ratio.
2). It was voted that Steve Morrow has the first right of refusal to become the next coach of an available team.

Hayes Blaze crushed all competition in the American Division, only losing two games the whole season. While the National Division had no declared winner until after the final regular season games when Hampton finally took it. Spotsylvania came from behind to beat Riverdale 23-15 and Middlesex played Tidemill like a finely tuned harp 19-6 in the Wildcard games. The Division Championships had the final scores of Hampton 17, Spotsylvania 12 and Hayes 19, Middlesex 17. In the big game, Hayes came from behind to win their very first Fantasy Cup in four attempts, beating Hampton 24 to 18.

At the 2017 Preseason Draft:

1). Dues were collected and we currently have $590 in our account, with $30 outstanding.
2). Trophies were distributed with the Fantasy Cup going to Hayes for the first time and the Division Champion Cup staying with Hampton.
3). Beechment will host the 2018 GFFL Draft if the new business in finding a restaurant/meeting location for our 25th anniversary isn't found.

1). Next year is our 25th annivesary. We need to find a resteraunt or similar location where we would be able to both eat and have our meeting in something like a conference room. Please let us know if anyone has someplace in mind.
2). We need to find a new ISP provider for our website as TaRan will not be renewing his service. Thank you TaRan for the many years that you allowed us to use your provider!
3). This is the last year we will be doing the Preseason Flush. Next year we will be reducing our Reserve Squad by one slot, having a maximum roster size of 29 total slots. We will also be incorporating a draft system where you must have room on your roster before you can draft a player. So for example, if you have 27 out of the 29 possible roster slots filled, you would only be able to draft two players, unless you cut additional players on a one-for-one basis.

The National Division post-season teams were set fairly early in the season with Riverdale taking the division and Hampton and Hilton left to fight it out in the wildcard game. But the American Division came down to the wire. The results of final regular season game had Norview taking that division and Tidemill and Middlesex to battle for entry into their Division Championship game. Hilton beat Hampton 21-14 to advance, and Tidemill defeated Middlesex 20-11. However during the division championship games both division leaders wouldn't be denied as Riverdale beat down Hilton 23 to 12 and Norview narrowly won over Tidemill 22 to 19. The Fantasy Cup ended up in a nail-biting finish, as Riverdale squeaked by Norview 19-18.

At the 2018 Preseason Draft:

1). Dues were collected and we currently have approximately $345 in our account, following our 25th Anniversary feast.
2). Trophies were distributed with the Fantasy Cup going to Riverdale for the first time (held by Hilton) and the Division Champion Cup going to Norview (held by Hampton).
3). Hayes will host the 2019 GFFL Draft and Tidemill will tentatively host the 2020 GFFL Draft.

1). Dues have been dropped to $5 a team, starting this year.
2). Hilton has a future coach, Steve Colton, if needed.

The American Division wasn't set until the final game of the regular season, with Norview sitting on a Bye wand Denbigh and Middlesex fighting for scraps. The National Division post-season teams were again set fairly early. They knew by Week 11 who was moving on, with Hilton taking the division and Riverdale and Spotsylvania battling it out to advance. Wildcard games saw Middlesex mayhem Denbigh 22-12 and Riverdale rangering the Rebels 19 to 14. Division Championship games were considerably more lopsided as the Scorpions stung the crap out of Middlesex 22 to 10, and Hilton blowing away Riverdale 23 to 15. The Fantasy Cup brought Hilton and Norview to face off against each other for the first time. The Scorpion's starting running back went down before the game, but the Hurricanes showed no mercy, defeating them 26 to 15.

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